The Gretsch­-Unitas Group con­sists of more than 50 manu­factu­ring and sales compa­nies in more than 35 coun­tries. With the inter­na­tio­nally leading brands GU (architectural hard­ware), BKS (locks, locking sys­tems) and FERCO (architectural hard­ware), the group offers „Secu­ring Tech­no­logy for You“.





Uniqa Real Estate management is 100 % daughter company of Uniqa Insurance Group and in charge for investments in real estate within Uniqa group. URE management is currently managing complete assets of Uniqa Insurance Austria AG, Raiffeisen Versicherung AG, Uniqa Real Estate AG and real estate belonging to Uniqa Group. Direct fonds of Uniqa groups consist of 400 objects in Austria, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. Total volume managed by URE Management amounts 1.1 Million of square meters and comprises of commercial buildings, apartments, retail units and hotels. Within most prominent development projects are: ESEM, Uniqa Tower and Design Tower.







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