Property management

Property management presents forecasting and rendering of tasks on a daily basis necessary for proper functioning of the one commercial real estate unit, respectively business unit.


  • Taking care of client’s commercial plans and goals.
  • Announcement of happenings which might influence his plans and goals.
  • Actions for prevention of consequences causing unexpected happenings against plans and goals.
  • Suggestions for revision of plans.


  • Handover of unit.
  • Control of payments.
  • Ending / braking of renting contract.

Relationship with lessee and support

  • Marketing.
  • Contacts with brokerage agencies.
  • Preliminary negotiating about terms.
  • Contract Signing.

Administrative Services

  • Production of Capex and Opex.
  • Facilitating of tender procedure.
  • Overview of investment works on object.
  • Control and acceptance of finished works on object.

Commercial services

  • Billing.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Optimization of spent energy.
  • Insurance.
  • Following up of renting contract.


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